About Us

Saint Thomas Aquinas is managed from Brazil at the headquarters of Grupo Educacional INNAP, where the courses are produced and taught. Our courses are aimed at Brazilian audiences and Portuguese speakers. Saint Thomas Aquinas has an office in Orlando, but maintains its operations in Brazil.

About us

The Saint Thomas Aquinas is an institution that since 2010 has been dedicated to doctoral programs and that develops teaching and research in several areas of knowledge.

The Saint Thomas Aquinas operates with partnerships worldwide. Our goal with this is to bring the exchange of knowledge between nations. We currently have a strong relationship with the INNAP Faculty in Brazil, that institution has a strong dedication to health sciences and develops courses and research with natural resources for health, so we can bring knowledge from where the most research is being done in the world.

Our programs and courses take place through the e-learning system, allowing access to students from all over the globe.

Our programs are open at different times, they are not always available.
Stay tuned for new dates. Fill out the form indicating any area in which you would like to study or research, we can analyze and enable one of these programs.

Saint Thomas Aquinas INC is duly registered with The Division of Corporations of Department of State of the State of Florida under FEI number 47-2893740.

Discover the Ph.D. program in Naturopathy specially created in partnership with one of the most important Brazilian institutions in the field.

The Highest Quality

The best professors in each area

With a focus on doctorates, the institution has international partnerships, especially with Brazil, where it maintains knowledge exchange programs.

Our teaching staff is composed of masters and doctors, with experience in research and teaching, in addition to a vast professional performance, with operations in several countries in Europe and the Americas.