Master in Business and Management (MBM)


Ph.D. in Naturopathy

Specially created in partnership with one of the most important Brazilian institutions in the field.

PhD in Naturopathy with Emphasis on Phytotherapy and Trofotherapy. International PhD in partnership with American University Inc and INNAP Faculty.
You with an American Ph.D. and Brazilian specialization.

This program consists of two cores

1. Curricular core

In this core, the doctoral student will concentrate the study and research in a perspective of systematic deepening in the most fundamental areas of naturopathy, phytotherapy and tropotherapy.
In this curricular period, biochemistry, pathophysiology, phytochemistry and nutrigenomics will be covered in a very profound way.

2. Bench

During the baccalaureate period, the doctoral student will develop his research and his thesis, will receive guidance on research and the writing of the thesis.

Double certification

  1. The graduate of this course will receive the diploma that the holder will hold as a Ph.D. which is among the highest degrees in the North American academic system.
  2. You will also receive the certificate corresponding to the title of specialist (postgraduate lato sensu) for the course registered with the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC) valid in Brazil.The Ph.D. title is awarded by the American University INC of the State of Florida having full faith in that country.
  • According to Brazilian law, any academic course taken at foreign universities must be validated by an equivalent course or program in Brazil. Thus, the first diploma has automatic validity in the USA and the second certificate has automatic validity in Brazil.

Double certification

18 months – curricular
6 months – bench

Target Audience

Naturopathic professionals, acupuncturists and health professionals in general.


24 months


Naturopathic professionals, acupuncturists and health professionals in general.

Exclusivity of this course

An exclusive doctorate in a partnership between the INNAP Faculty, from Brazil, and the American University Inc. FL ST.

A curricular matrix that will deepen the main contents that will guarantee mastery in your clinical practice, the doctorate will enable research and its scientific development.

Course objective

Tropotherapy is currently the most researched area of naturopathy due to its potential for prevention and treatment, the doctor in Naturopathy will have advanced knowledge in this area.
Another area that will be researched along with tropotherapy will be phytotherapy. This knowledge is confluent since both act under the biochemistry and molecular physiology.

This doctoral program aims to direct the research student to a professional practice in which, in addition to producing knowledge, to obtain tools for professional mastery.


  • Clinical biochemistry
  • Trophology
  • Phytotherapy
  • Methodology
  • Research orientation
  • Thesis orientation
  • Bench